Riverview is gone, but not forgotten.  In the spring of 1967 it opened for what was to be its last season.  It closed its gates, as always, on Labor Day evening, supposedly to open again in May, 1968, for its 65th season.  In fact, the license had been purchased that fall for the 65th season and also the new sign had been painted and put up showing the opening date in 1968.

Much speculation has been said about why the park closed, that is all it is, speculation.  No one knows for sure.  Some feel that racial problems closed the park, some say that the stockholders were offered a good deal and didn't want to pass it up.  Whatever the reason, Riverview was sold to the dismay and sadness of millions.  The park was sold for approximately 6 ˝ million dollars on October 3, 1967, and never reopened.  Interestingly enough today that 6 ˝ million dollars could not even rebuild the Bobs.

Whatever reasons are given for the destruction of an era, the over 200 million visitors to Riverview Park will never forget the good times they enjoyed there.  Memories can never be sold!  Aren't we glad? 

Riverview is gone, but is not forgotten…

        Chuck Wlodarczyk

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